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Welcome to the Electronic Resource Room

The electronic resource room (ERR) is for the peer reviewers from the Higher Learning Commission. The ERR consists of core documents and supporting evidence related to the 2014 PPCC Self Study. 

ERR Organization and Use

Browse the right-side navigation menu bar for links to the Self-Study Report and to access evidence files categorized in the sections: Introduction, Criterion 1, Criterion 2, Criterion 3, Criterion 4, Criterion 5, Federal Compliance, Documents A-Z, and Documents by Subject.

The Self-Study Report link contains the full 2014 PPCC Self Study Report. The report may be downloaded for viewing using Adobe Reader or accessed within the ERR interface.

Supporting Document Sections:

  • Introduction:  Self Study Report Introduction section
  • Criterion 1: Mission
  • Criterion 2: Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct
  • Criterion 3: Teaching and Leaning: Quality Resources
  • Criterion 4: Teaching and Leaning: Evaluation and Improvement
  • Criterion 5: Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Federal Compliance:  Title IV program responsibilities; expectations of specific regulations as  recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Supporting Document Indexes:

  • Documents A-Z: this index lists all documents in alphabetical order
  • Documents by Subject: this index provides access to documents grouped by topics

 Need Help Please Contact

Technical Support:
502-2322 (david.hayes@ppcc.edu)

ERR Use and Content Research Support:
502-3236 (james.deherrera@ppcc.edu)
502-3249 (carole.olds@ppcc.edu)